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AC charging cable

Charging with alternating current in accordance with mode 3

For conventional charging with alternating current, our product range offers a wide range of standardized charging systems for global use. Our AC charging cables in accordance with charging mode 3, are differentiated in the following ways:

  • Charging case A: Mobile AC charging cable with Vehicle Connector and Infrastructure Plug, e.g. for carrying in the trunk of the electric vehicle
  • Charging case B: AC charging cable as well as Vehicle Connector and open cable end for fixed installation at charging stations or even wall boxes

AC charging cables at a glance

Phoenix Contact has a new design line of AC Vehicle Connectors, which has been developed along with the requirements of the automotive industry. A robust, high-quality and brand new AC Vehicle Connector (The C line) feature a consistent plug design and are made from high-quality materials.

AC charging cables for North America and Japan

Type 1 AC charging cables in accordance with SAE J1772/IEC 62196-2 are primarily used in the USA and Japan. Locking, is by means of a lever mechanism which interrupts the power when actuated. An optional Vehicle Connector with U-lock device is also available to prevent unauthorized removal during charging. Phoenix Contact also offers what is known as an adapter charging cable which acts as an adapter between a Type 1 Vehicle Connector and a Type 2 Infrastructure Plug, which these are then used to connect a Type 1 Vehicle Inlet to the European infrastructure.

  • 20 A / 250 V AC (metric, AWG)
  • 32 A / 250 V AC (metric, AWG)

AC charging cable for Europe

Type 2 AC charging cables in accordance with IEC 62196-2 support single and three-phase charging in Europe. An electromechanical actuator locking mechanism safeguards the charging process. In early 2013, the European Commission specified the use of the Type 2 charging system in accordance with IEC 62196-2 as a uniform and standard throughout Europe.

  • 20 A / 250 V AC (metric)
  • 20 A / 480 V AC (metric)
  • 32 A / 250 V AC (metric)
  • 32 A / 480 V AC (metric)

AC charging cable for China

The standard GB/T 20234.2 describes single and three-phase charging in China. A special lever system provides the latching mechanism between the Vehicle Inlet and Vehicle Connector.

  • 20 A / 220 V AC (metric)
  • 20 A / 440 V AC (metric)
  • 32 A / 220 V AC (metric)
  • 32 A / 440 V AC (metric

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