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Contact insert

Contact inserts and contacts:

Are you interested in effortlessly connecting various cables and power distributors or simply spreading all kinds of media across different outlets? Then Phoenix Contact is your choice, offering contact inserts for all performance categories and state of the art connection technologies. And just in case, terminal adapters are available as space saving connection constituents.


  • widespread application range, e.g. data, signals, power (up to 200 A), and compressed air
  • no more waiting: super fast connection technologies (such as push-in or QUICKON (IDC))
  • reduced installation time thanks to the pioneering snap-in frame fro modular contact inserts
  • oecumenical use - one size B24 housing, up to six modules
  • no more mismatches due to innovative coding with plastic profiles

Our contact inserts offer a fixed number of locations. Use Phoenix Contact contact inserts and contacts to achieve consistent and secure power distribution.

Benefits of contact inserts:

  • combination insert: one instead of two contact sizes
  • push-in or QUICKON (IDC) connection - super fast cable connection
  • coding via plastic profiles - B series with push-in, screw, crimp, or QUICKON

Modular contact inserts - everything at once

Whichever application you have in store, we have the right module for you. For example, HEAVYCON modular offers more than 50 contact inserts for all kinds of transmission (data, signal, power) as well as pneumatic applications. The pioneering snap-in frame offers swift mounting due to secure catch springs. This innovative frame is adaptable to all housings - including HEAVYCON STANDARD, EVO, or ADVANCE series. Whatever the market has to offer, our modules and frames are like-minded.

Swift coding

Are you afraid of mismatching? No worries! If you use the additional coding method alongside our contact inserts, plug-in coding profiles check your connectors to avoid mismatches. With our plug-in coding profiles you achieve coding within seconds by simply connecting the aforementioned coding profiles into the coding keyways of your contact inserts. The work is done for you and up to six connecters are prevented from mismatching.

Terminal adapters

You want to design a space-saving connection constituent and lost your wits along the way? No problem, terminal adapters from Phoenix contact are here to save you. What ist that? you might ask and the answer is a harmonious blend of terminal block and contact insert. To install the terminal adapters a control cabinet panel can be used and a connector can be attached seperately. In order for the PE connection to be on top, our terminal adapters are suitable for the left and right control cabinet panel. The terminal adapters can reach up to 64 positions and are suitable for screw and push-in connection.

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