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Sensor/actuator cable

Variable sensor/actuator cabling systems

An entire collection of groundbreaking products and end-to-end solutions, which have been developed for sensor and actuator connecting purposes, will definitely ensure smooth operating procedures within your system units.

Your key benefits

  • straightforward and reliable: plug-in modules 100 % electronically proven
  • unsurpassed flexibility due to a comprehensive product portfolio, with M5 to M12 sizes
  • Time saving SPEEDCON fast-locking installation and fast connection assembly modes
  • Space saving elevated connector items
  • low physical effort level involved.

In contrast to the obsolete single wiring approach, innovative sensor/actuator cabling modes are guaranteed efficient time- and moneysaving systems.

The innovative configuration eliminiates any possible wiring errors and does away with any time-consuming, defective modules in distribution panels or terminal boxes. Moreover, easy diagnostic modes prevent any intricate faulty analysis.

Further benefits

  • Swift, instant and hassle-free installation
  • serial interfaces
  • pluggable electronic parts

Superlative product range of M12 

M12 connectors have attained an absolute benchmark index within the industrial world. Thanks to the unparalleled array of our product collection for signals, data and electric power transmission, the scope of application modes is strikingly enhanced. Therefore you should take advantage of the countless positive features and opt for our matchless products and ultimate solutions, conceived and manufactured by PHOENIX Contact, one of the worldwide leading Connection Technology Enterprises.

Additional advantages to be taken into consideration

  • All products are offered in a light-weight, compact form and ensure a reliable and swift data transmission as well as high-level signal transmission to the ground-breaking M12 power cabling system.
  • Compatible, steady cabling modes for all interface options from lower field level to the unit.
  • Durable and superior quality building materials with IP65/IP67 protection ensure efficient and dependable applications.
  • PHOENIX Contact boasts an exhaustive array of products, covering the needs of even more demanding sectors, such as the strict regulations of the food industry or the supervised outdoor use.
  • Effective time management is ensured, due to easy fast connection modes and SPEEDCON fast-locking system.

Further cabling methods for specific applications

PHOENIX Contact is well recognised for its remarkable customised product collection, which provides optimum solutions for specific requirements that go beyond the established standards within the industrial framework.

PHOENIX Contact superior quality products are particularly appropriate for:

  • the product contact section as well as the food splash area within food industries
  • applications intended for construction equipment used outdoors
  • railway application areas for additional fire and vibration protection requirements
  • applications intended for trailing chains and industrial robots
  • electric power transmission sectors
  • space-effectiveness
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