Phoenix Contact Distributor

Phoenix Contact is a leading manufacturer of electric connection and industrial automation technology. As a Phoenix Contact Distributor Shortec Electronics provides more than 20.000 line items from stock and has access to 35.000 Phoenix Contact products with short leadtimes.

Distribution Products:

Ethernet switches, 10 Gigabit connectors, Compact controllers, Modular industrial PCs, Extendable compact safety controller, Distributed safety solution, Industrial modems, Hybrid motor starters, Power supply units, Surge protection lightning arrester, Differential current monitoring, Uninterruptible power supply units, Push-in modular terminal blocks, coupling relays, Test disconnect terminal blocks, Sensor-actuator connectors, High-current feed-through terminal blocks, Tools, Marking systems, Miniature PCB connection and M8 and M12 fast connection connectors.

About Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact was pioneering in the field of contraptions for industry, furthermore in the field of reciprocally-depending networks and last but not least, succesfully for very many years, in the branch of intersective models.

The company was professionally established back then in 1923 in Essen exactly and it was outstandingly responsible for devising the so-called module of the 'terminal block'.

Proactively, the enterprise is trading in the following sectors, worldwide: bounding apparatuses concerning electrical ingot pieces, relays, connection devices, signalic semaphores, power replenishments, controlling mechanisms & PLC's, I/O instruments, ethernet for industry, circular and acircular cable provisions, PCB terminal blocks & connectors and once and for all it is prosperously selling still to its clients products in the field of overvoltage protection systems.


The entrepreneurial team is operating motivatingly from the town of Blomberg, in the government district of Detmold. The activities were launched from 1923 on, namely, geographically expressed, in the city of Essen and it was exactly in the year in 2014 when this company had been attaining a merchandising rate of 1.77 billion Euro which is roughly corresponding to a revenual turnover of astonishingly $2 billion USD aimed at.

Phoenix Contact is assembling on an international basis in mutual trust with steady controlling stipulations impelled on its productive process and this is occurring in more than 10 countries. Germany, the US, China, India, Poland, Greece, Brazil, Turkey, Sweden and Argentina are the manufacturing places and the order situation is currently permitting a workforce of 12,900 employees in 50 firms worldwide.

Back then in 1987 the company brought out the fieldbus system INTERBUS. Supplementarily, the brand is providing products in convergence and compatibility concerning Modbus, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, CANopen, PROFIBUS and finally with PROFINET networks additionally.

As a Phoenix Contact Distributor Shortec Electronics provides the following products:

wire transfer, MasterCard, VISA, Paypal

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