Multi Contact (Staubli) Distributor

Shortec Electronics is one of the leading distributors of Multi Contact (Stäubli) products in Europe, North America, South America, Oceania (Australia), Asia (China) and Africa.

Industrial Connectors from Multi Contact
Versatile, dependable connectors designed for all kinds of applications in industrial environments.

Connectors for Renewable Energies
Connectors, cables and junction boxes for photovoltaic systems and solar panels.

Medical Industry Connectors from Multi Contact/Staubli
Safe and reliable cable systems, connectors and accessories for medical devices.

Connectors for Automatic Systems
High-performance connectors for robot and manual welding guns, tool changers and docking systems.

Test & Measurement from Multi Contact/Stäubli
Test Accessories and equipment for electrical engineering, electronics, laboratories and education.

About Multi-Contact

The Multi-Contact-AG (short form: MC) is a producer of plug connectors based in Allschwil, Switzerland. The company was founded in 1962 by an electrical engineer called Rudolf Neidecker. Starting at the end of the 1970s, they established subsidiaries in several European states like France, Italy, Belgium, Great Britain or Germany and later also in the United States and Asia.

In 2002 Multi-Contact was taken over by Stäubli (in English usually written as Staubli), an international mechatronics company founded in 1882 with three main branches: textile machinery, connectors and robotics products.

Since January 2017, after 15 years of being owned by Stäubli, Multi-Contact runs its business officially unter the name Stäubli Electrical Connectors AG with a new brand appearance to further improve the collaboration between those two companies, although some products are still sold under the brand name Multi-Contact.

The current CEO is Franco Delvecchio. As of 2016, Stäubli employs about 4500 people in 29 different countries and has yearly revenues of about 1.1 billion Swiss franc.

MC connectors are offered in several forms from miniature connectors to high current connectors for several thousand ampere. They are used in sectors such as railway and transport technology, the car industry, shipbuilding, aviation, telecommunications, robotics, mechanical engineering, measuring technology and many more. They are all based on a special multilam Principle.

The main aims of the MC product line are to provide secure, precise and reliable solutions, which still makes Multi-Contact a market leader for connectors after over 55 years of business.

As a Multi-Contact Distributor Shortec Electronics provides the following products:

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