Signal cables and power cables

Data cable

Photovoltaic cables

Cables by the meter

Cables and lines come in various types. Those ones you can assemble then plug-in and those that are preassembled. In addition, they come with a complete variety used in-field installation. Phoenix Contact offers various cables such as :

  • Copper Cables
  • Fo Cables
  • Photovoltaic Cables
  • E-mobility Charging Cables


  • Useable in a wide variety of applications, as they have different connection types
  • onsistent cabling from the control cabinet to field level
  • high degree of elasticity and different variety with customized versions
  • readily available because they are produced in different locations worldwide

Copper cables

Copper cables are used in complex mechanization processes that call for large volumes of data and rising transmission rates. Copper cables are also used with high-performance connections that are preassembled. The cables can be made in customized lengths.


  • It can be used in data cabling for 10 GBPS
  • Can be used in m8 /12 cables BOTH for actuator/ sensor applications
  • Offers solutions for ip20, ip65, 67, 68 and 69k

FO cables

FO cables are used in high transmission rates. They have optimum shrinking properties that can be resistant all the electromagnetic interference they may come
They are also used in the modern-day transmission medium in both infrastructure applications and industrial systems. They can be chosen from a wide variety of products available in the market.


  • It has a transmission rate of 40 Gbps
  • Can be used in offering Solutions of IP20, IP65/IP67
  • They are available in POF, PCF, and GOF fibre types that are single and multi-mode
  • It comes with connection tools for every fibre

Photovoltaic cables

Photovoltaic Cables are DC cables sold with a meter. It has tools used that makes it easy for installation as well as test plugs, filler plugs, shielding caps, and setting up nuts. Our products ranges come complete. Our DC cables come with tools for assembly:

  • Y-distributors
  • Stripping tools
  • IP68 shielding caps

Universal cables

Universal cables are used in connections and control signal levels. They are obtainable in diverse versions, whether with D-SUB OR IDC/FLK connectors. The universal cables make it possible fast wiring. This is protected against reverse polarity.


  • They can be used in High current capacity
  • Comes in regular lengths of 0.5 to 10 m as well as custom lengths
  • It comes in different versions
  • It is well designed, flexibility because it has opened cable ends

Charging cable for E-Mobility

The Charging cables are are developed with new principles that they supply energy to electric vehicles. Whether charging on an AC power or DC charging, both DC and AC cables forms are reliable, safe, and also user-friendly.

  • It has AC cables that come to an open cable end
  • It has Mobile AC cables 
  • CCS type 1, and 2, GB AND T standards
  • It comes with other Accessories
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