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Charging technology sets

Charging infrastructures are crucial elements in the revolutionary electric automobiles. You have to pick the right software that is compatible with your electric car. At Phoenix Contact, we have charging systems and controllers that are versatile, which can be used regularly. And these are available for both direct current and alternating current charging.

Your advantages

  • Our appliances allow you to enjoy a vast array of uses, now that they offer numerous applications, as is a requirement for international standards.
  • You can put into effect various demands in private, public, or commercial settings now that the controllers are flexible and easy to change.
  • You can make the most out the charging centre as well as control it thanks to intelligent software
  • Conceptualise and create new products that are in line with IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 international standards.


Charging systems

Our charging systems are the pacesetters when it boils down to providing energy to automobiles powered by electricity.

We boast in the ease of use, safety, and reliability of our products.

New records are being broken in electromobility in that we have reduced the charging time to minutes. This is all thanks to the high power technology in our plant.

Charging controllers

No need to visit a station to plug in. Just find a domestic AC and connect directly through to the highway.

While you are it, the machines will monitor how well the car is charging as they compare the findings to international standards.

Charging park management software

The charging stations are regularly available, an aspect that is made possible with the help of the EV charging suit.

The operating system can be used as an interface for the charging park operator, driver, backbend provider, and power grid operator.
Everything from the billing to the touchpad system is custom made to create a seamless provision.
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