19-inch card blocks and socket strips

Phoenix Contact has a wide range of connectors for professional and semi-professional uses. The available products include the flexible M5 to M58 round connectors, data and photovoltaic connectors. The connectors are meant to handle heavy use, and they come in different shapes to accommodate different applications.


Here are the benefits you will enjoy from using these connectors:

  • Wide range of uses- There are many different designs and modular systems at Phoenix Contact, and they can suit different uses.
  • High quality- These connectors are very high in quality and will not break down.
  • Easy to use- They are made to be highly innovative and can be used easily.
  • Can be adapted to your specific needs- Since there are many different connectors available, you will find one which suits your needs.
  • Designed by various experts

Circular Connectors

With Phoenix Contact, you can get round-shaped connectors in different dimensions, and they will suit heavy applications. They can be used to transmit information and energy. You can even get connectors for assembly on the site.

  • M12 and M23 highly advanced joint connectors
  • 3 to 19 pos. M5, M8, M12, M23 and 7/8 inch data cables
  • M8 and M12 information cables for performances of up to 10 gigabits per second
  • M12 to M58 power cables that have currents of a maximum of 150A and 630 volts

Data connectors

At Phoenix Contact, we have transmission cables that are made of copper and FO, and they provide quick data transmission with minimal failure rates. They can be used in heavy industrial settings, professional applications, and infrastructure. The cables, connectors, and complementary items are all available.


  • Speeds of a maximum of 40 gigabits per second
  • Can be used for IP20, IP65/IP67, and IP69K
  • Highly advanced joint connectors
  • Patch cables and marshalling cables for 19-inch mounts

Modular Cables

Rectangular cables come with small connectors that can be used in devices, terminal boxes, and control sections. Some enclosure types, exchangeable contact inserts and carriers, and they can be used for joining contacts in order to facilitate the various fixing options. They can be used for signals, information, and energy.


  • Sleeve enclosures along with IP65/IP67/IP68/IP69K elements
  • Contact inserts meant for four to forty designs
  • Exchangeable contact inserts for different uses
  • Mounting surfaces and joining enclosures 

Charging systems for electromobility

Phoenix Contact provides charging systems for AC power grids and quick DC charging. They can be used for cross-border purposes as they can use type 1, type 2, and the GB/T type. The AC and DC connections and accessories are designed to be protected from elements. They are also easy to use and will not get damaged easily.


  • Direct current connections for CCS 1, CCS 2, and GB/T types
  • AC connections for type 1, type 2, and GB/T type
  • AC enclosure sockets for type 2 and GB/T type
  • Elements for charging enclosures such as covers, mounting accessories, and test adapters 

Photovoltaic connectors

Our photovoltaic cables are available for many different uses. The AC and DC cables can be used for joining elements, and device joining. The connection devices can be used for photovoltaic panels, construction, building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), and small inverters that provide consistent connection items.


  • AC and DC cables that have IP66/IP68 elements
  • AC and DC cables that have IP65/IP66/IP68 elements
  • Feed-through and PCB terminal items for a maximum of 309A and 600V (UL)
  • Cable devices for BIPV and small inverters

Installation systems

For basic connectivities, energy distribution, and electronics cables, the IPD and QPD devices will help to reduce the time spent on the installation of the cables. They are made in tool-free push-in styles and offer quick QUICKON IDC connection.


  • Set and plug-in cables
  • Items for IP68/IP69K/IK07
  • Can accommodate currents of a maximum of 40A and 690V
  • Can accommodate cables of a maximum of 5mm by 6mm

Stackable power distribution

Expand the power use of your devices in a very small space by using the sturdy and stackable cable systems. You can also use them to easily install the connectors so that you can fit them in the system. This style of the enclosure will allow versatility with the connector outlet designs.


  • Excellent enclosures that have IP67 and EMC elements
  • Plug-in PBC cables
  • Stackable contact inserts that have screw cables for devices that measure 0.2 square mm to 4 square mm
  • Steel locking elements that can withstand heavy vibration

PCB terminal blocks

The PBC terminal blocks allow you to transmit signals, data, and energy easily and safely to the PCB. Since they are small, they allow you to save space and can be used for different uses in industrial settings.


  • Can be used with conductors that measure 0.14 square mm to 95 square mm
  • Can be used with currents of a maximum of 232A and 1000V
  • Can be used with screws, spring, and insulation displacement cables
  • Can be used with 2.5 mm to 20 mm pitches 

PCB connectors

Our PCB cables help to offer universal connections that are easy to maintain. They are available for all designs, including industrial ones.


  • Can be used for conductors that measure 0.14 square metres to 35 square metres
  • Can be used for currents of a maximum of 125A and 1000V
  • Can be used with screws, springs, insulation displacements, pierce, or joining cables

High-current feed-through terminal blocks

The high-current feed-through terminal blocks, high currents, and voltages can be transferred easily and with no risk using our enclosures. Different cable types allow easy elements for transfers.

  • Can be used with conductors that measure 4 square mm to 150 square mm
  • Can be used with currents of a maximum of 309A and 1000V
  • Can be used with screw, spring, T-LOX, and bolt cables
  • Can be used with panels that have thicknesses of 1 mm to 6 mm
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