Phoenix Contact is based on the principles of innovation. The electronics exterior cases are designed in different shapes and colours, and they are meant to suit different functions. With the large variety of electronics exterior housings from this brand, you will be able to find products for all your needs. You can contact us for your electronic exterior cases.

Why You Should Use Phoenix Contact Electronic Exterior Cases

Here are some benefits of the electronic exterior cases:

  • Ideal form of your electronic device- Since there are many different casings and cables from the brand, you will be able to get one which suits your device.
  • Simple to install- The housings are designed with an optional bus system, so installation is simple and fast.
  • Excellent designs- With a variety of colours available, you will get excellent designs.
  • Personalised housings- Since they use personalised printing options, you can get personalised designs for your devices.

DIN rail housings

You will also require DIN rail housings for your devices. To ensure full flexibility, we offer housings of different shapes, colours, and forms. The purpose of the enclosures is to secure the installed PCBs. The enclosures can quickly be installed on the DIN rails, and this can create excellent interfaces that facilitate the transmission of signals, information, and energy. 

Field housings

Field housings are used for many different purposes , whether in constructions, industries, or the automating of processes. The enclosures made by Phoenix Contact offer high levels of protection, and they can be used on fixed display items, movable operator items, and integrated elements.

HMI components and accessories

To produce effectively, you will need automated processes. For such purposes, you will need electronics that are easy to use and that are easy to operate. With our displays, membrane keypads, and light signals, the enclosures will simply help to ease the operation of the items.

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