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Time series data cloud solutions

Industrial Cloud Computing is an intelligent network of business procedures, objects, systems, components, and people. Proficloud (from Phoenix Contact) provides a consistent, professional cloud resolution that meets your needs from cloud devices to appropriate cloud platforms and services.


  • Maximum availability allows access to data anywhere at any time.
  • Openness – This is because you can nurture your own cloud services for Proficloud and operate via Proficloud.
  • Future-proofing – Infrastructure, software, and platforms are always automatically updated so you can stay ahead.
  • Scalable, fast and individually demand-driven with dynamic IT services.
  • Secure and authenticated communication with TLS encryption.


When it comes to IoTs, proficloud is the best platform for automation based on IoTs. It is used to optimize processes and configure flexible and compatible third-party applications. On the basis of an open platform, service providers and manufacturers can create their own web apps, develop and operate mobile services and applications.

The implementation of Industry 4.0 will require the establishment of a complete network of production facilities around the world to complement field equipment with software services. This is the only way secure and reliable way to exchange data between machines and assimilate external data into the solution.

In this way, the application of scalable cloud architecture compatible with Proficloud guarantees the flexibility and performance required for automation solutions.

PROFICLOUD-New Business Model Driver

Proficloud is used to quickly, easily and proficiently generate new business models. Users can easily interact with their own software for collecting, analysing, and viewing data on a cloud platform. This information can be secured with secure access to other devices. For example, as a machine industrialist, you can provide maintenance services plus system sales.

In addition, data is aggregated and evaluated globally by integrating with huge data apps. Hybrid clouds enable public Internet service providers to implement specific services, while highly protected data and applications will remain secure internally. In addition, third-party apps can be effortlessly linked and integrated into internal resolutions.

PROFICLOUD-High Security With Full Encryption

One of Proficloud's main strengths is a secure platform that provides advanced availability and access protection. This makes it both secure and reliable allowing it to stand out among other platforms.

The data broadcast of the Proficloud device is protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. Connections can only be made with Proficloud devices which make it more secure.

The Web app used to configure Proficloud is sent to users using Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) to prevent unsolicited access. This is an added layer of security that assures users of their data’s security.

Cloud Credit is Flexible and Cheap

You can use diverse cloud credits on your device with Proficloud which makes it very convenient since it allows you to access it with different devices. These, however, are only enabled in cloud applications. With a pay-per-use model, you have total control over costs and no prescribed clauses. This allows you to swiftly implement new business replicas. This saves you a lot of time when rolling out your new business models as they can be done at a moment's notice.
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