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High-current feed-through terminal blocks

PCB terminal blocks

The COMBICON range of products offers the right connection to transmit your signals, be they data or power, for just about every application. Whether your preferred PCB terminal block connection is push-in spring, screw connection, or a 2-24 position connector, you will find what you need.

 Your advantages

  • Flexibility! Varied and versatile connection technology to meed your needs
  • Comprehensive! A wide range of applications can be met thanks to various pitches and positions
  • Reliability! High quality materials and manufacture ensure a quality product that will last
  • Support! Experienced product specialists available
  • Customisation! Support unique, individual solutions with customer-specific versions

PCB terminal blocks

Terminal blocks are the go-to method for easy and safe connection to a PCB. The efficient design saves space, while the aesthetics of our design can make your product look that bit more professional. Particularly suitable in industrial environments.

  • Suited for conductor cross sections from 0.14 to 95mm2
  • Voltages up to 1000V and currents up to 232A
  • Available with spring, screw, or insulation displacement connections
  • Pitches from 2.5 to 20mm.

PCB connectors

When a simple, easy-to-maintain, universal connection is needed, our PCB connectors are up to the task. Suitable for almost all designs, regardless of their industry or market of origin

  • Suited for conductor cross sections from 0.14 to 35mm2
  • Voltages up to 1000V and currents up to 125A
  • Available with spring, screw, insulation displacement, pierce, or crimp connections
  • Locking mechanism using either latch or screw flanges.

Board-to-board connectors

Providing both shielded and un-shielded solutions for your signal transmission needs, the FINEPITCH series of board connectors offers you a range of different designs, stack heights, and numbers of positions in compact 0.8 and 1.27mm pitches to suit your needs. For the first time, realise individual PCB orientations with different designs.

High-current feed-through terminal blocks

If your transmission needs are on the more powerful end of the scale, our high-current feed-through terminal blocks will do the job. Using these specially designed terminal blocks, high currents and voltages can reliably and safely transmitted. A variety of connection technologies makes this these terminal blocks a flexible and powerful transmission solution.
  • Suited for conductor cross sections from 4 to 150mm2
  • Voltages up to 1000V and currents up to 309A
  • Available with spring, screw, bolt, or T-LOX connections
  • Panel thicknesses from 1 to 6mm

Customer-specific PCB connections

We pride ourselves on our wide variety of products, but we acknowledge not every situation can be handled with off-the-shelf products. That's why Phoenix Contact offers a wide variety of modifications to suit our customers need, be it for serial production or an entirely new product.
  • Colours in black, gray, light gray, and blue
  • Customised printing
  • Additional safety through coding
  • Individual solutions on request
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