Controller for building automation

PLCs for building infrastructure

I/O systems for field installation (IP65/67)

I/O systems for the control cabinet (IP20)

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) offer high speed, dependable control and monitoring needed by a wide variety of automatic apps. PLCs have acquired a considerable hold in the industrial manufacturing world, and we would be wrong if we failed to give this technology the attention it needs. With this in mind, Phoenix Contact is the leading company when it comes to offering the best I/O systems, PLCs, and PLC software.

Benefits of PLCs

  • Future-proof and inventive – the modern technologies outline the foundation of the Industrial Internet of Things for the digitalisation of your industrial systems.
  • Reliable and all-inclusive - in general, you will have a single source of optimally synchronised I/O systems, PLC software, and PLCs.
  • Flexible and distinct – whether high-performance PLCs or programmable logic relay systems in the field or control cabinet, a wide range of PLCs offer you creative and automated solutions.
  • Dependable and secure – intelligent, reliable solutions are known to safeguard machinery and personnel, thus ensuring high system availability.
  • High quality and durable – even in extreme conditions, reliable and cost-effective automation is guaranteed by using Phoenix Contact products.
PLCnext Control

These are open and innovative PLCs for the PLCnext technology automation industry. With these PLCs, you can deploy automated projects without the restriction of proprietary systems. This innovative device enables you to directly connect to Proficloud or even incorporate customised future technologies and cloud services.

Besides, PLCnext Technology supports parallel programming centred on recognised software tools. These programming tools include Eclipse, Visual Studio, PLCnext Engineer, and Matlab Simulink. Also, you can freely integrate it to existing program code. This capability allows you to easily incorporate functions in unity with IEC 61131-3 with routines from MATLAB Simulink, C#, C, and C++. The good thing is that you can create a comprehensive system by merging them all.
PLCs for IEC 61131-3 Programming

Phoenix Contact provides PLCs for all performance classes in order to meet all demands. You can opt for programmable logic controllers for small or medium-sized systems. If you need high-quality PLCs that performs complex automated tasks and contains matching I/Os, be sure to get them at Phoenix. Software PLCs from Phoenix allows you to convert your standard industrial PCs into high-dependable PLCs.
Input and Output Systems for Control Cabinet

Also known as IP20, you can select a wide range of I/O terminals and I/O modules for your control cabinet – including for speedy data communication. Deploy secure apps with Phoenix’s PROFIsafe modules. A benefit with this device is that you can opt for SafetyBridge if you don’t have a safety controller. All I/O systems at our stores can be comfortably integrated with Phoenix Contact PLCs.
Input and Output Systems for the Field Installation

Get I/O data directly into your machines and system by using this IP65/IP67. This gadget boasts a high degree of functionality and supports a modular extension that can be used in the field. It can also be used on strong devices being used in extreme industrial environments. Phoenix’s analogue converters and IO- link masters, boasts a substantial amount of flexibility in the field, and this enables them to transmit analogue communication without any protected cables.

Building Infrastructure PLC

The ILC 2050 BI PLC can be used to automate different subsections in data centres, building infrastructure, and distributed properties. It comes with various interfaces and supports protocols related to building automation.
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