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Energy storage

Our power tools and instruments are designed to meet the needs of various different industries and businesses. We supply Power Supplies, Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS), DC/DC Converters and Redundancy Modules. We can also supply customised power supplies specially designed for your need, along with our usual line of instruments.

Our Power Supply Features

  • We have the latest in power supply technology, which ensures optimal system performance.
  • We have power supplies for every possible use. We have products with different functions and performance levels
  • Versatile functionality, due to international approval package and flexible voltage output

Our Power Supply Instruments

With our complete selection of power supplies, you may be assured of your module supply in the control cabinet.

  • With full performance
  • With full performance
  • With essential performance
  • For Maximum Continuous Rating (MCR) functionality
  • For installation distributors

Uninterruptible power supplies

Keep your Direct Current (DC) and Alternative Current (AC) supplies safe from power failure. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) will still supply power even in case of power failure.

  • Storage of energy function
  • Utilising integrated power supply
  • Having buffer modules
  • Utilising integrated energy storage
  • Employing IQ Technology

Direct Current(DC)/DC Converter Instruments

Adjust the voltage level, renew the voltage at the end of long wires or enable the generation of independent power supply with DC/DC converters.

  • For photovoltaic functions
  • For extreme maximum need
  • For control technology
  • With Storage Foundation Basic Technology

Functions of Redundancy Modules

With redundancy modules, you can enlarge supply of power operated on a parallel basis.

  • Diode modules
  • Active redundancy modules

Customer-specific power supplies

Benefit from personalised solutions from Phoenix Contact. In addition to the regular selection, we supply customised and device-specific instruments, e.g., for building, medical, banking or network technology as well as industrial PCs.

  • Power supplies for industry, charging technology, renewable energies, communication, charging technology, banking systems, and special applications
  • Engineering and project management in all developmental stages
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