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    The services we offer range from providing comprehensive protective devices portfolio to ensuring that your system is fully available to ensure that the devices meet your requirements starting from a simple fuse all the way to the complete surge protection system. 


    • The plug-in design of these devices facilitates for relatively quick testing and easy replacement.
    • The devices are slim in design in order to save space during installation.
    • You get to enjoy versatile fields of application because of the application-specific connection and design methods.
    • Your common signals and applications will be protected, which is made possible by the complete product portfolio.
    • The sector-specific solutions offered makes product selection relatively easy.

    Device circuit breakers

    These devices are especially crucial in ensuring that the selective protection of the operating equipment ensures a high level of system availability. The trigger mechanisms for these devices include thermal, electronic and thermomagnetic. It is important that you choose the circuit breaker from our portfolio including the fuse terminal blocks that have the ability to accommodate various fuse designs and fuse terminal blocks. Do so by choosing from the following devices:

    • A device with screw cap.
    • Any device that can accommodate flat-type fuses.
    • A lever-type fuse

    It is important to keep in mind that there are fuse terminal blocks with various connection methods available.

    Surge protection

    This plays an instrumental role in making sure that there is system availability. Optimally combining devices like surge arresters, device protection and lightning arresters can significantly prevent damage to the system and its devices. The different areas of application for surge devices include:

    • Transceiver systems
    • Information technology
    • Power supplies
    • Measurement and control technology

    Additionally, you can be sure of getting sector-specific protective devices together with test devices for the surge arresters services.
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