We provide a range of systems that are fully capable of satisfying all your needs including isolation, switching, monitoring, multiplication, monitoring relays, time relays, electromagnetic relays and solid-state relays. You name it and we will deliver. 


  • You can save on the element of space, which is facilitated by the slim designs.
  • Versatility because of the industrial relays that come with several functions.
  • The availability of the standardised accessories all over the world makes it possible to save on costs.
  • Our world-leading product variety offers you the right solutions.
  • Enjoy great quality because we employ the use of innovative technologies and high-grade materials.

High quality and long service life

If you are keen on top-of-the-line quality standards, then you are going to need not only long-lasting relay modules but also reliable. We carefully sort out our components with our rigorous control systems and production process and test methods that are in compliance with the latest industry standard developments.

This is because unique technology is vital in keeping the temperature of the devices much lower than that in conventional PCBs. Our relay modules are not only reliable but are also durable and above average quality.

SIL-certified safety relay modules with proven technology

Our PSR safety relay modules offer ideal solutions for those who need just a few safety functions in their machine while fully benefiting from our experience in safety technology. The versatile portfolio of our PSR safety relay modules encompass such relay modules as safe coupling relays, multifunctional safety relays, safety relays, together with over-speed safety relays and zero-speed relays. 
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