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High-quality sensor/actuator cables provide you with production security and a great level of reliability. Connecting your actuators and sensors quickly and safely will ensure durability and reliability especially in demanding applications such as drag chain, robotics, and industrial applications. Phoenix Contact can provide you with consistent product ranges for passive field cabling. Protect the operation of your systems with an all-inclusive range of cabling products and solutions for connecting sensors and actuators from Phoenix.


  • It is simple and secure with 100% electrically tested pluggable components
  • It is flexible courtesy of the complete product range that comes with sizes from M5 to M12
  • The Advanced Shielding Technology offers a completely safe and dependable shield connection regardless of how extreme the environmental conditions are
  • It is flexible as it improves machine availability owing to its faster and easy diagnostics
  • Minimum Effort is Needed


Minimal effort required

The pluggable sensor or actuator cabling allows you to save the time and expense that you could otherwise use in carrying out the tedious single wiring exercise in the field. With the standardized interfaces, you will have a convenient and faster installation minus mechanical effort being employed.

Exclusive Variety

The M8 and M12 connectors are the standards in the sensor/actuator cabling industry. Our product variety for data, signals, and power goes beyond field applications and they are incomparable in the market today. This makes Phoenix Contact the leader in the connection technology with several benefits to take advantage of. Some of the advantages include:
  • All in one compact design for safe and faster transmission of data and high-positioning of signal transmission
  • Reliable cabling for different interfaces
  • Robust and high-quality designs and materials for durability and reliability
  • Cabling for Special Applications 

Cabling for special applications

If your needs extend to classic specifications for industrial use, Phoenix Contact will provide you with a variety of tailored products that are suited for:
  • Product contact zone as well as the splash zone in the food industry
  • Construction machinery
  • Specific fire and vibration applications in railway
  • Robotic and drag chains
  • Space-sensitive areas in power applications
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