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Fast and easy to use with no mistakes. When using standard terminal blocks, attaching controllers and field devices wastes time. Phoenix Contact's system cabling dispenses with multiple connectors between the terminal blocks and controller. Instead there's a complete plug-in system that reduces the time for installation and eradicates mistakes during wiring.

The Advantages of System Cabling

  • More than fifteen times quicker than standard 'point to point' wiring
  • Eliminates wiring mistakes when installing and conducting tests
  • Provides several methods for the termination of field wires such as push in connectors, spring cage and screws

Range of Products

Whatever your project requirements, there'll be items you can use from the range.
System cabling with specific controllers uses state-of-the-art wiring methods that match system cables, modules and front adaptors.
Universal modules which are independent of controllers are particularly ideal where automated components have connectors in a high position within the control box. A 1:1 connector is typical of this type of module. Using push in connectors, spring cage or screws, the modules can be easily connected.
Potential distributors in a range of different designs can be used to disperse the operating voltage or controller. With such a range of levels you have flexibility when connecting terminal blocks.
Universal cables are quick and error-free when matching signal and control.
There are products for all types of applications.
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