Miniature and micro terminal blocks

Fuse terminal blocks, component terminal blocks, and diode terminal blocks

Feed-through terminal blocks, multi-conductor terminal blocks, and multi-level terminal blocks

Disconnect and knife-disconnect terminal blocks

Plug-in terminal blocks

Sensor terminal blocks and actuator terminal blocks

Special connection

Transformer terminal blocks

Are you looking for a push in, spring-cage, screw, bolt, or fast connection? No need to fret. With the help of similar accessories, the links can connect. All thanks to the twin double shaft.

Your advantages

  • Complete flexibility: terminal blocks with different connection technologies can be freely combined
  • Bridging and testing capability, thanks to the double function shaft
  • Cost savings, thanks to uniform bridging, marking, and test accessories

One system connection technology - CLIP LINE complete

If you are looking for an apparent response to clients, the whole CLIP LINE terminal block is a perfect fit.
It consists of all applications across the universe. You are not limited but exposed to many accessories or connection technologies:

  • Standardized marking and test accessories reduce logistics and storage expenses
  • Double function shaft that offers a free combination of terminal blocks
  • COMBI connections system`s uniform plug-in zone. Saves time and modular configuration of the application
  • Multifunctional standardized disconnect zone for disconnect terminal blocks can blend with different connectors

CLIP LINE complete – competence in connection technology

The Phoenix Contact terminal blocks are subject to scrutiny. And exceed the common terminal block standard. The results verify the use of terminal blocks in specific industries such as:

  • Systems development and machine building
  • Process technology and process engineering
  • Chemical or petrol chemical industry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Railway industry
  • Energy technology

The establishment of the right design measures and the use of adequate materials is essential. Terminal block indicates extreme effectiveness as opposed to standard requirements.

Junction boxes and empty enclosures

With CLPISAFE phoenix contact, you get an innovative range of empty products. They include empty enclosures, machined empty enclosures, and junction boxes. Most of them consist of polyester and stainless steel material. Considering the right approvals, you can use CLIPSAFE in the EX area. The diverse and versatile nature of the enclosure range is impressive. It is a perfect fit for your applications.

Complete PROJECT – from digital to real

The whole control cabinet developing includes other factors. It operates with comprehensive PROJECT planning and making software. The program depicts an intuitive user interface — the latter aids in individual planning, direct ordering of terminal strips, and automatic checking. Phoenix's online contact transmits bills of materials. You get an instant price calculation as well as information about available products. PROJECT complete entails enhanced interfaces that link with popular CAE lineups. Despite the wide variety of marking materials, you can also create markings yourself. It’s not a hard task.
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