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AC charging controller

Phoenix Contact's E-Mobility controllers allow charging stations to be assembled with the most current and up-to-date international standards. They assure a great degree of practical compatibility with electric vehicles. 


  • Excellent compliable controllers for every application
  • Simple application for optimal charging management
  • Standard-compliant AC charging, in accord with IEC 61851-1, SAE J1772, and GB/T 20234
  • simple assimilation into management systems through regulated communication interfaces

AC charging controller for residential charging points

EV Charge Control Basic is a compact and profitable controller solution, specifically for simple charging points. An example would be, for the setting up of wall charging stations for home and underground garages, or even carports. The charging controller is available as a DIN rail device and also as a coated PCB for extreme surrounding atmospheres and weather conditions. Another version with pluggable MSTB connection technology is also available for space-saving and quick installation in charging station housings.

AC charging controller specifically for North America

Specially designed for residential and commercial charging stations in the North American market, the EVCC Basic NAR AC charging controller meets all standard demands for turn-key solutions due to certification in accordance with UL requirements.

AC charging controller for commercial charging infrastructures

All the necessary controller functions for commercial charging points is accommodated by the EV Charge Control Advanced, and offers extensive configuration options such as load and power management. This is supported through the charging controller on company premises as well as on parking lots.

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