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DC/DC converters

Our DC/DC converters supply a controlled DC Voltage.
Through electrical insolation, the DC/DC converters can adjust the voltage level, regenerate voltages at cable ends or enable the creation of an independent supply system.


  • A high level of flexibility due to large input voltage range
  • Highly withstandable in intense weather conditions eg. 100% humidity, with EX and IEC Ex approvals thanks to protective coating with QUINT...CO
  • Warnings against critical operating states: given before errors occur through the Preventative Function Monitoring from QUINT POWER
  • Reliable circuit break trips for maximum safety
  • Direct field installation without the obligation to supply an AC connection source in the case of UNO DC/DC converters

QUINT POWER – DC/DC converters featuring top well-known technologies

The QUINT family offers DC/DC converters that convert nominal input voltages from 12 V DC, 24 V DC or 48 V DC to output voltage values ranging from 5 to 56 V DC.
The use of top well-known technologies increases its safety and reliability:

  • Preventive function monitoring warns user against critical operating states before errors occur.
  • The static power reserve enables difficult loads to be started reliably with up to 1.25 times the nominal current (POWER BOOST).
  • Fast tripping of standard circuit breakers with up to six times the nominal current for 12 ms (SFB technology).

QUINT POWER CO for extreme conditions

The DC/DC Converters are protected through their protective coating, even through intense weather conditions, such as humidity at 100%, dust, corrosive gasses and damage or failure caused by corrosion-related creepage currents and electrochemical migration.

Voltage levels of QUINT DC/DC converters with 12 to 48 V DC

The QUINT DC/DC converters offer a large input voltage range: all standard input and output voltages in the performance classes up to 480 W are viable. The devices are ideally suited for all industries but favour those with process industry approvals. 

QUINT POWER – high degree of flexibility

The wide-range devices enable input voltages of 42 to 96 V DC or 67 to 154 V DC. The high flexibility of these input voltage ranges is particularly requested in the rail and power industry.

UNO DC/DC converters for photovoltaic applications

From a photovoltaic panel, a Combiner Box is supplied and the D.C./DC converters from the UNO POWER range enable direct connection to string voltages of up to 1000 V DC. This means, the Combiner Box is supplied directly from the photovoltaic panel and additional installation costs are not incurred. In another expansion stage, the signal line can be replaced by a wireless connection.

Converting voltages with MINI POWER

In the MINI POWER range, DC/DC converters are available for voltages from 10 to 75 V D.C. with a supplied current between 0.7 and 2 A. and suitable for low power ratings. An active switching output as well as an LED monitor the output voltage. The coded COMBICON connectors allow the connection technology to be very easily maintained. MINI DC/DC converters are particularly suited for measurement and control technology.

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