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Electronic device circuit breaker

The implementations of our leading Phoenix Contact circuit breakers have been successfully utilised for automation processes and in den area of commmunication technology. Thanks to the dynamic current limitation, any possible interruption of the output voltage is prevented by the switched-mode power supply module. As a consequence, the smooth running of you system solutions is secured due to the unaffected circuits, which continue steadily in the unlikely event that an error occurs.

The benefits of our electronic device circuit breakers

  • the integrated working current-limiting mode ensures the discontinuation of the maximum load capacity.
  • The effective remote operation system shifts the reset input as well as the input monitoring.
  • The multi-stage operation indicator guarantees instant notification through the display board, which is attached to the circuit breaker.

Functionality and configuration

Our singular electronic device circuit breakers utilise the smartest semi-conductor power modules.

You should definitely take advantage of the following key aspects:

  • In order to combat any rising degrees of slackening caused by long cabling, an intelligent solution is achieved through active electronic current limitation.
  • Units that feature maximum input capacities are effectively protected by Phoenix Contact electronic-device circuit breakers.
  • Hassle-free handling and remote operating is ensured due to the intergrated remote reset and control modes.

One of the main features of our electronic-device circuit breakers are their smooth manual or automatic switching-on procedures at any given time. In addition to this, they can be obtained in monobloc design, in a plug-in version and as an electrically separated plug-in model.

Multiple fields of application

At a supply voltage of 24 V DC, Phoenix Contact electronic-device circuit breakers display great flexibility as well as high performance levels. As a consequence, they meet any applicative requirements of manufacturing systems and machine production by offering unique tailor-made solutions.

All switched-mode power supply unit loads are uniformely protected by our electric device circuit breakers, which by virtue of their active current limitation mode dependably guard distant units.

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