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Technologically sophisticated electronics housings

The key concept of Phoenix Contact electronic housing types is to manufacture our valuable products in as great a selection of different functions, color and shape as possible, so as to achieve our main objectives with grand success and in order to satisfy our esteemed customers. Having in mind the different requirements we make sure that you will be able to pick the perfect electronics housing for your specific field of application. Our product range comprises DIN rail or on-wall mounting methods, several width dimensions and a colour scale from pale grey to subtle sky-blue.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Guaranteed maximum individual device perfection due to the comprehensive line of our unique connection and housing technology.
  • An optional bus system ensures prompt and stressfree installation methods.
  • Adjustable housing inserts available in diverse colours.
  • Customized printing and finishing.
  • Individual solutions for your personal device concepts.

Modular housings

Our ME, ME-MAX and BC series module housings distinguish themselves thanks to their outstanding technical properties, such as bus connectors, adjustable connection technology allowing for flexible electronics enclosures, while their obviously small sizes provide surprisingly adequate room on the inside of them. 

  • A wide array of diverse-pitch connection technology modules ensure adaptable application variations.
  • Subtly ranked width measures permit the best-possible exploitation of available room and maximum position options.
  • Based on the DIN-rail connector, the flexible and stress-free formation of modular device systems can be executed in multiple ways. 

Multifunctional housings

  • Your multifunctional housings are supported by our ME-PLC and ME-IO electronics housings, which allow the devising and generating of your individual technical unit scheme.
  • The highest degree of versatility is ensured when specifically choosing the ideal connection technology.
  • Connectors and ports at the front side of the housing unit permit hassle-free and straightforward wiring procedures.
  • Based on the DIN-rail connector, the flexible and stressfree formation of modular device systems can be executed in multiple ways.

Basic housings

  • Housings that ensure a firm hold and optimal space solutions are necessary for bigger elements or PCBs. Our main aim in devising and producing our basic housings is to cover the needs to tailor-made and integrate securely non-standard types of components.
  • The solid construction of our basic housings permits the firm incorporation of greater elements.
  • The straightforward housing structure also provides the basis for constructive, non-standard electronics configuration.
  • Time-saving and efficient mounting procedure.

Building installation housings

The BC housing systems have been designed in a forward-looking and anticipatory way, thus focusing on future building automation applications.

  • Our multiple modes connection technology in combination with high-level DIN rail connectors is in absolute accordance with the supreme quality of our housing series.
  • The installation of the device in the distributor board is carried out in alignment with DIN 43880 standard for optimal housing structure.
  • High-level bus connectors, which are externally attachable, will effectively ensure your individual connection schemes.
  • A multiplicity of innovative and customized connection technologies can be optimally incorporated.

Press-down section housings

  • The installation of large-scale elements has successfully been anticipated by Phoenix Contact. The UM-BASIC and the UM-PRO series are swift and hassle-free mounting modes for housing systems and have been developed so as to serve the special installation and mounting requirements of our customers.
  • In order for particularly sensitive electronics to be accommodated properly, we recommend the UM-ALU housing as the most adequate and competent solution.
  • Both the UM-Basic and the UM-Pro feature various base concepts at three different PCB positions.
  • Profil material: PVC, PA or aluminium.
  • Sensitive electronics are particularly well EMC-protected through our UM-ALU.

Field housings

Phoenix Contact field housings are the most suitable, high-level protection housings systems for a wide functional range of applications for industrial and control devices, in construction as well as manufacturing automation and can easily be used as mobile operator panels, stationary displays or as embedded systems. 

Phoenix Contact DIN rail adaptors

Our high-performance DIN rail adaptors provide the adequate solution for you to install and connect fully-operational devices on a DIN rail, thus no longer requiring any standard mounting foot, awkward transformers or any other cumbersome elements.

  • We offer DIN rail adaptors in zinc-die cast modules
  • The ideal mounting holes ensure ultimate flexibility during connection procedures.
  • Customized adaptors permit space-saving options in different dimensions.

Customer-specific electronics housings

We are in the favourable position to optimize individual housing solutions with compatible connections technology through our innovative screw or spring connection modes.- Whether modifying our mass-produced high-quality products or developing new electronic entity systems, our customer-oriented, competent support is constantly striving to work out the most suitable solutions for you.- Our adaptable versions are available in different dimensions, colors and prints.- Our high-quality products can be instantly modified, according to your individual requirements and in terms of compatibility, assembly simplicity as well as material specifications, always on the basis of our exceptionally developed prototypes.

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