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Hybrid motor starter

Hybrid motor starters - A durable solution

In case you are looking for an advanced motor control device that is resilient as well as long-living, hybrid motor starters of CONTACTRON are able to provide you with a versatile solution. In this respect the CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters unite up to four different functions solely in one product. Therefore, each device combines a motor starter, emergency stop, reversal function as well as a motor protection that prevents overload. Compared to standard products for parallel circuits, network-capable variants that are incorporated into fieldbus environments, are obtainable, too. 

Benefits at a glance

  • Due to the lean form of 22.5 mm design width, space can be saved
  • The implemented load wiring, locking branch and SmartWire-DT™ conjunction enable easy wiring
  • By the means of gentle switching with hybrid technology of CONTACTRON, the life utility is extended by ten times
  • On the basis of IFS gateways a straightforward implementation of the motor control usage into standard bus systems can be enabled
  • An implemented safety function up to SIL 3 and PL e guarantees a safe disconnection

The technology of CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters

Robust relay technology as well as wear-free solid-state technology are integrated by the technology of CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters.

Load on the relay contacts can be decreased significantly by gentle switching, due to a microprocessor-controlled conjunction. In this regard, hybrid motor starters possess of a service life that is up to ten times longer in comparison to entirely mechanical switching devices.

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