Knife disconnect terminal block - Phoenix Contact

Knife disconnect terminal block

Disconnect and knife disconnect terminal blocks with Phoenix Contact solutions

Terminal blocks with various undocking mechanisms are utilized in many diverse fields of application. Our highly successful Phoenix Contact Disconnect and knife disconnect terminal blocks have all been designed with an ampacity of maximal 31 A, in addition to the 1000 V nominal working voltage.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Phoenix Contact disconnecting knife technologies, our isolating plug solutions or rotary contact elements achieve hasslefree detachment of circuits.
  • Easy to use voltage and current measurement options are ensured due to special testing options on both surface locations of the disconnect area.
  • The disconnect lever pitched into the final positions makes secure handling straightforward and efficacious.
  • Colourcoded disconnect areas facilitate instant identification.
  • Phoenix Contact disconnect components, feed-through connectors and fuse plugs allow no-fuss individual mounting.

Knife disconnect terminal blocks

The core properties that mark our Phoenix Contact knife disconnect terminal blocks are their compact structure and user-friendly operation. A normal screwdriver is used to activate and control the disconnect knife.

Our innovative switch lock mechanisms are available for additional operational reliability. Performance testing can be carried out on either side of the disconnect area.

Elementary disconnect terminal blocks

Our elementary disconnect terminal blocks offer a consistent and standardised disconnect area, which permits the utilization of component parts, safety devices and fuses, insulated plug connections as well as straight-through serial connectors. 

Fuse plugs

Our fuse plugs match precisely with the disconnect terminal blocks in a 5.2 mmm pitch pattern, when in offset state. The use of these highly effective plugs is strongly recommended in order to avoid short circuit and capacity overload.

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