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PHOENIX Contact - PCB terminal blocks

The renowned Germany based enterprise Phoenix Contact is one of the global leaders in the production of terminal blocks. On the basis of implementing the most cutting-edge technology there is in the field of connectors and terminal block manufacturing, Phoenix Contact is in the favourable position to constantly launch and distribute new lines of innovative connectors, developed with a view to meeting the growing application demands on the global market.

Phoenix Contact offers an impressive range of groundbreaking connection technologies with PCB terminal blocks and components that allow high-performance customised applications.

Phoenix Contact product range and features

Phoenix Contact terminal blocks and connectors have been designed in such a way that they meet even the most demanding requirements and ensure utmost connection compatibility and process reliability. PCB connectors, terminal blocks and feed-through terminal blocks form an extensive array of advanced connection components, which provide customised solutions featuring supreme connecting capacity. Both the terminal blocks and the maintenance-friendly 24-position PCB connectors provide secure and resilient connectivity not only for screw connections but for innovative push-in spring connections as well. The great variety of the outstanding Phoenix Contact terminal blocks covers series with metric pitches as well as pitches in inches from 2,5 mm small-scale pitches to the ultimate 20 mm pitches. 

For PCB connectors spacing options varying from 2,5 mm up to 15 mm are available for conductor systems of different sizes. All products are of premium quality and combine key features such

  • superior power density
  • superior dynamic power
  • superior flexibility

in order to provide smooth and versatile connection options between devices or systems. PCB terminal blocks display a compact design, uncomplicated assembly, efficient interlocking components, manifold combination options, space-saving twin editions and functionality. For almost all manufacturing processes terminal blocks and PCB connectors offer customised solutions, a high level of user-friendliness, ease of installation and safety.

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