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Relay Module

Phoenix Contact relay modules

Our extensive range of electromechanical and solid-state relays as well as our high-end monitoring and time relay options fully comply with all possible requirements and standards. A great variety of amplyfying, multiplying, monitoring, switching or isolating specifications will perfectly enhance the scopes of application in any relevant area. 

Points in favour:

  • Our unique relay modules are industrial relays of great flexibility, which provide multiple features and functions.
  • Our worldwide leading relay products are in the unique position to offer appropriate solutions, that are highly competitive.
  • The extremely slim and compact configuration of our relays promises maximum economy of space.
  • The superior quality of our relay products is due to our cutting-edge technologies and high-end materials.
  • Our premium relays are all fitted with benchmark component parts that are in accordance with global standards.

Ultimate Quality and outstanding durability

Do you pose the highest requirements for functionality, efficiency and performance excellence? Then you will no doubt opt for our highly durable, effective and dependable relay modules, that are second to none. All materials and components have been meticulously chosen in order to meet our strict qualification criteria. Phoenix Contact manufacturing procedures and methods of testing are in accordance with the most recent developments in technology. 

In contrast to other PCBs, our groundbreaking technology ensures that the temperature of Phoenix Contact PCB devices is permanently kept at a low level. 

Our array of products will easily convince you of the top-quality of our Phoenix Contact state-of-the-art relays, which are all SIL-certified and feature top-level quality, great handling reliability as well as longevity. 

Our extensive experience as a premium producer of high-quality relay-modules will offer you numerous advantages by providing the most efficient individual solutions. 

Our impressive multipurpose product portfolio does not only include secure connection relays, safety relays and polyfunctional relays, but also innovative zero-speed and overspeed safety relays.

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