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Safety relays

Safety relays for versatile use

Phoenix Contact offers PSRclassic and PSRmini safety relays that are able to conduct all safety functions including safety door, light grid or emergency stop, for usage with one function or one product. Your safety system can be arranged as needed with our PSRmodular modular safety relay system.

Your benefits

  • An optimal solution for every function due to a multifaceted usage
  • Due to contacts that are force-guided a reliable usage can be implemented
  • DIN rail connector as well as user-friendly junction technology enables a fast startup and installation
  • Based on TÜV certification a tested safety is guaranteed
  • The lean overall width enables saving of space

The PSRmini safety relays are highly consolidated

The latest developed safety relay range from Phoenix Contact is called the PSRmini. This product series is highly compact due to the proprietary relay technology.

A high potential of space-saving up to 70% at full capability can be implemented by the lean model of the safety relay with force-guided contacts that are no broader than 6 or 12 mm.

A modular construction of safety concepts is enabled by a detailed architecture. In this regard the 6 mm edition includes one to two approval paths, whereas the 12 mm edition includes two to three paths.

PSRclassic is a standard safety relay

The product range of the extensive PSRclassic offers classic safety relays that contain detailed contacts to overview your safety functions. In this respect, you are able to monitor light grid, safety gates, emergency stop and two-hand control. 

The broad scope of variations and traits are generic for the conventional safety relays. Moreover, the market-standard housing dimensions are applicable with a wideness of the relays starting at 17.5 mm.

PSRmodular is a safety rail system that is modular

Your safety system can be arranged as needed individually due to the PSRmodular modular safety relay system. Moreover, an easy and flexible integration of the modular safety relays on the modular principle is feasible. 

The master safety relay is directly connected to up to ten extension modules in the DIN rail on basis of the TBUS connector. The configuration as well as cross-wiring is not needed as usually.

Force-guided contacts enable safety

Thanks to forced guidance the N/C as well as N/O contacts that are part of an elementary relay are mechanically incorporated to each other. The simultaneous closing of N/C and N/O contacts can be avoided this way. A breakdown to open can be discovered reliably due to the connection with an appropriate circuit. Therefore, uppermost safety for user and machine can be assured in the most reliable manner. 

There is no need to mention that devices of the PSRclassic and PSRmini range include force-guided contacts that guarantee maximum safety for its users.

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