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Terminal marking

Terminal markings vary, based mainly on the mounting type. They are available for tall and flat marker grooves, as strips and as well as marker pins. 


  • Due to pre-printed markings, they are very quick and simple to apply
  • Easily customized with all kinds of printing systems
  • Extremely beneficial due to the ability to be printed by our marking service
  • All markings are available from one main source as well as from different manufacturers

Clear Marking

Phoenix Contact has the most accurate and simplest way for wiring terminal strips:

  • The terminal markings we offer, are ideally tailored for the terminals
  • We offer a choice between labeled or unlabelled terminal markings, which are attainable in the form of roll, card as well as in sheets.

We determine that clear labelling of terminal points is fundamental for a fast and error-free way of writing terminal strips, which is especially important for the maintenance and start up of control cabinets and systems.

Find the right marking

Phoenix Contact provides the right marking solution for every terminal block. We mark for the widest range of geometries, pre-marked as well as individually marked. 

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