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Timer relay

Phoenix Contact ETD time relays are the economically viable alternative solution to a PLC. They ensure straightforward configuration as well as swift and reliable wiring procedures. We offer three highly successful Phoenix Contact product lines for our customers' individual time control systems. 

Your benefits

  • Accurate setting of switchable time units, streching from millimeters to hours and days.
  • Convenient usability due to the hassle-free adjustment of the temporal parameters at the front side of the cabinet.
  • Our multipurpose time relays allow the global application with wide performance range electricity supply units.
  • Hovering PDT outputs permit fault indication and selective discontinuation.
  • With our 6 mm high-performance time relays valuable space and time can be saved while employing plug-in bridges.
  • The solid installation configuration of the time relays secures flexible application even in small junction boxes.

ETD-BL time relays are ideally utilized in construction installation and serial manufacturing of systems and machinery.

  • Due to the compact setup configuration our time relays are particularly space efficient in distribution system parts and mobile installations.
  • Thanks to the highly efficient push-in technology their wiring can be carried out swiftly and hassle-free.
  • They are equipped with precise diagnostics and easily discernible status LEDs.

Owing to their thin, straightforward and accurate features our reliable 6,2 mm width times relays are especially flexible and versatile.

We offer the perfect space-efficient and cost-effective concept with our extra thin 24 V time relays, that are equipped with a tunable time mode and an attached pre-specified function. 

  • Space-saving with our extra thin time relays in 6,2 mm width housing dimension.
  • A high degree of precision is ensured due to the designated flashing thumbwheel.
  • The extra thin time relay ought to be connected to the PLC relay in the same compact case. The device can be installed uncomplicatedly with matching connecting bridges and system wiring.

Our unique multipurpose time relays offer regular time control modes suitable for every scope of application. 

The highly flexible multifunctional Phoenix Contact time relays provide customizable time intervals and functionalities. Additionally, they are offered in three different variations which meet the requirements for all operation purposes related to regular time control systems. 

  • Flexible utilization, due to a wide scope of application modes.
  • Equipped with two hovering PDT outputs that feature a maximum width of a mere 22.5 mm.
  • A high-performance wide range power supply unit ensures adequate mains voltage.
  • Optimal solution for accurate time settings that can be adjusted from milliseconds to several days.
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