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Wago Contact is one of the leading suppliers of Rail-Mounted Terminal Block Systems, PCB Terminal Blocks, Terminal Blocks and Connectors, Components for the Automation industry, Engineering Services, Accessories and Software.

About Wago

The WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG is a German manufacturer of electronic components of various kinds. The company's best-known product is the so-called WAGO-clamp. Officially named the 273 or 2273 series, these are push-wire connectors that are widely being used in decentralized automation systems. The company is internally structured in two business fields, automation and electrical interconnections.

Company history

WAGO is a family business that was founded in 1951 when Friedrich Hohorst and his business partner Heinrich Nagel purchased the patent rights for a connector clamp, back then the first of its kind. However, the new company initially found itself unable to mass-produce the clamps as it intended, because available raw material did not meet the criteria necessary for it. The company thus decided to develop the patent idea further and came up with the spring clamp, which continues to be the internationally recognized industrial standard for wire connections to this day.

WAGO today

Headquartered in the medium-sized town of Minden in northwestern Germany, the WAGO company maintains a wide-ranging market presence and makes its products available around the world. Since its founding, the company has been owned and run by the family of founder Hohorst. With annual sales at around € 765 million, WAGO continues to be an international market leader. It employs some 7,500 people, roughly half of whom work in the two German manufacturing plants in Minden and Sondershausen. Additionally, WAGO operates plants in a number of international locations, including China, the USA and India. The company has set up its own distribution network with representations in 31 countries and contracted to cover an additional 50 countries. WAGO's environmental managing standards have been certified to comply with ISO 14001 norms in 2004. The company has also received awards for the exemplary advancement of its apprentices.

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